Regular Tours

Tours of Martha Berry's home start every 30 minutes at the museum from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.. They allow visitors to go through the house with a tour guide as well as Aunt Martha's Cottage and the Carriage House. Visitors on the tour also have the opportunity to go through the gardens at the house, an especially good idea during spring time.   

Admission Rates

  • $5 - Adults 
  • $4 - Seniors (55+) 
  • $3 - Students first grade through college 
  • Children 5 and under free 
  • Berry students, parents of current students, and Berry alumni can all visit the museum and go on the tour for free. 

Group Tours

Group Tours of Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum may be arranged easily for both students and adults. To qualify for group rates, there must be at least ten people in the group with reservations made at least two weeks in advance.  

Adult Group Admission Rate: 
$4.00 per person  

Campus Tours

Tours of the Berry College campus are available and will feature such notable sights as the Berry College Chapel, The Roosevelt Cabin, The Ford Complex and much more. 

Cost: $20 per tour guide

Student Tours

A group tour of Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum is perfect for learning more about one of America's greatest educators, Martha Berry.  All students, from kindergarten through high school, are invited to take part in this discovery.

Limit 100 students per reservation. Please provide one chaperone for every 10-12 students.

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